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We believe that yoga has the power to transform.  Our yoga practice has the ability to illuminate our habits, patterns, preferences and avoidance's, and through grace and compassion, find a sense of acceptance for all of the beautiful idiosyncrasies that make us such incredible humans.  With that acceptance, comes peace.  This work is our passion and we are so excited to share that passion with you.  This retreat is an opportunity to relax and nurture ourselves, but to also dive deep below the surface to jump-start that road towards wholeness--holistic well-being; mind, body and soul. 



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"I have been practicing yoga since 2009, and teaching since 2011.  My yoga journey has allowed me to teach all over the continent, from the magical red sands of Prince Edward Island, to the bustling metropolises of Montreal, Los Angeles and New York City.  In all of those years and travels on my mat, though the road has changed dramatically, the lessons seem to remain the same:  stay humble, stay curious and find joy.   I believe that yoga is a conversation between our mind and our bodies, and through movement and breath we can start to become more active listeners within that conversation.  Holding space for others to explore that relationship to themselves, and to provide a forum in which they might gain more awareness and understanding is one of my greatest joys.  That, and sharing sweet snuggles with my husband and two boys."

“In 2011 I ventured to the Amazon jungle to participate in a sacred plant medicine retreat indigenous to that area.  In just 12-days, I experienced such a deep transformation that it led me to move to Peru in 2012 for over a year.  During this time I began to practice shamanic and plant medicine apprenticeship where I learned about the nature of disease/suffering and the wonders of consciousness.  It was during this time that yoga was introduced to me.  Having had such profound physical, mental and spiritual transformations, yoga played a monumental role in my integration back to Western life.  Once I realized the benefit and importance of the practice I just wanted to share it with others.  It is with great pleasure that I teach yoga and continue to share my gifts and knowledge of my experiences in Peru.  I am most passionate about personal and spiritual growth and sharing it with others so that all can find healing and balance within.”

Amber will be your trip coordinator extraordinaire!  With an extensive background in Event Planning, you can count on her to help organize your trip and make your experience seamless, so that you can, indeed, dive deep Beneath The Surface.   


Amber completed her Modo Yoga 500-hr Level One in Los Angeles in February of 2014 and her Modo Flow Training in 2020.  Amber spends her free time with her lovely and feisty daughter, Riley.

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